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April 16, 2023

My first foray into television, in a wedding show, was for the Channel 4 TV series ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ in 2018 and what an interesting day it was.  

Kain, the Groom, contacted me on a Friday afternoon to conduct the wedding celebration ceremony on the following Sunday.  At first I thought someone was pulling my leg, but they weren’t, they were absolutely serious. Once I had agreed, and got my head around the fact that I had just one day to get to know this couple and write their story, I set to work. Also, on that one day that I had to write that story, the morning was spent going to visit a couple out in the country about their wedding.

As is the customary format of the show, the groom is tasked with conceptualising the overarching theme and vibe of the momentous occasion. For Kain, his vision for the big day was nothing short of iconic – a swanky gangster-inspired affair, where his lovely bride would take center stage as the one and only Marilyn Monroe.

In order to gather enough details about their relationship journey, I asked him to send me every last bit of information he could remember. Though what I ultimately received was merely a condensed compilation of notes on a single A5 sheet of paper, but it proved to be an invaluable source of inspiration.

With a good grasp of their unique love story from my phone conversation with Kain, as well as the details he so kindly shared with me, I set out to write a story that truly encapsulated the spirit of the era he hoped to evoke.

Charlotte & Kain from Channel 4's Don't tell the Bride
Image by Nishit Parmar

Given that the ceremony was to take place in the iconic Cafe de Paris, I researched the history of it – highlighting the glamorous people who had graced its halls over the years, including legends like Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart. Infused with the essence of the gangster theme, I drew upon notable moments in the venue’s history, such as the filming of the iconic movie The Krays, to add an extra layer of allure to their special day.

It was a great day filled with joy and excitement. Seeing the groom’s happiness at the way I had brought his vision to life was truly rewarding, and witnessing the happy couple and their guests revel in the magic of the ceremony was simply priceless. As for me, it was a truly exhilarating first foray into the world of television as a Celebrant, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of such a special moment in their lives.

It aired on 14th November 2018

Image by Nishit Parmar

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